3 Helpful Tips for Playing the Slots

3 Helpful Tips for Playing the Slots Parallax

Eagle River Casino in Whitecourt, Alberta is home to over 250 of the most modern slot machines. Not only will you find a wide selection of games to play, but with a convenient ticket-in, ticket-out system, you won’t have to keep going back to the cashier window to collect your winnings after playing each machine.

Just take your ticket and carry on to whatever machine your gut tells you to visit next and start playing!

Whether you’re a high-roller or have never been in a casino, Eagle River has a machine that is right for you. With minimum bets ranging from 1 cent to $1, and massive province-wide progressive payouts, everyone has a chance to win!

Never played the slots? That’s alright!

While it’s a game that favours the fortunate, here are a few things to keep in mind when starting.

3 Helpful Tips For Playing The Slots

1. Bring a Freind

The only thing better than the thrill of a win on the slots is sharing the excitement with a close friend. And if you both happen to be fortunate enough to win, it’s an absolute riot!

It also helps to have someone along who knows the games and can show you the ropes if it’s your first time in a casino.

Go ahead, call up some buddies and head to the casino for a night of fun, food, and (hopefully) fortune!

2. Learn the Game 

While the opportunity to win money will always be fun no matter what, your enjoyment of the game can be doubled by taking the time to understand how to play. This way, not only will you understand what’s happening as the symbols line up one-by-one, but you’ll also feel the thrill that comes with a near (or real) jackpot.

With so many different options out there, all the different rules and styles can be confusing. Just start with one and go from there!

3. Set a Limit

While it can be tempting to spend hours and hours on the many machines available in the casino, unfortunately, the fun has to stop somewhere. And when it does, the goal of your experience is to have more money than when you started.

Don’t get sucked into the trap of squandering away all of your winnings with the hopes of “hitting the big one.”

If you told yourself “one more spin” three spins ago, this might be a sign that your luck has run out and it’s time to leave. Luckily, Eagle River Casino has plenty of other entertainment options to choose from when it’s time to take a break from the machines.

For example, you could watch the game on one of the 38 T.V’s throughout the building or just enjoy your favourite cocktail at the full-service bar. The possibilities are endless and the choice is completely up to you!

Ready to Test Your Luck on The Slots?

Visit Eagle River Casino in Whitecourt Alberta today to indulge in an evening of thrilling fun, fantastic food, and first-class service.

Who knows, you might even be the next to win one of the many jackpots awarded here each month!