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Building Maintenance Worker


  • Electrical duties: maintains and repairs extension cords; changes light bulbs; assists journeyman electricians in new installations
  • Operates the skid-steer loader, snow plow and lawn mower, when needed
  • Performs semi-skilled duties, maintenance and repair of buildings and related facilities and systems
  • Works in all weather conditions and moves in and around confined spaces
  • Plumbing duties: maintains and repairs faucets, sinks, drains, toilets, tubs, water heaters and water service and drain lines; unplugs drain systems; repairs leaks and installs washers
  • Carpentry duties: repairs damaged wall surfaces; sands and refinishes table tops when needed
  • HVAC duties: maintains and repairs heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems; monitors boiler room by reading gauges for pressure and records this in log book; checks and repairs leaks in heating/cooling systems
  • Maintains hand and power tools associated with mechanics, carpentry, electrical plumbing and general building maintenance
  • Installs door and lock hardware; moves furniture; paints walls and woodwork; hauls debris to dump and shovels snow
  • For all events in the Whistling Eagle Conference Room and for concerts, it will be the responsibility of property operations to set up tables, chairs, speakers, screen, projector, stage and dance floor (as requested by the banquet supervisor or marketing/general manager)
  • After each event, it is the responsibility of property operations to take down (as per email sent by banquet team)
  • This structured role is critical to the success of the Eagle River Casino & Travel Plaza in providing a safe and suitable work environment for all staff and patrons
  • Will be responsible for checking pump house for water level readings, proper tests with chlorine readings, pump switch etc.
  • Will be responsible for the RV park maintenance of building, playground, roads, restoring power, water issues, garbage pickup and general site maintenance
  • Will be responsible for picking up mail in town and any other requests by management or supervisor
  • Will be responsible for the gas bar garbage removal, sweeping around pumps, and any other requests from the gas bar
  • Will be expected to report on all events that could have a negative effect on the operations or reputation of the Eagle River Casino & Travel Plaza
  • Activities and authority will be guided by the Eagle River Casino & Travel Plaza Visions and Values
  • Will be required to use radio and respond at all times
  • Responsible for cleaning all parking areas, sweeping public areas of entrances (this will include picking up garbage)
  • Responsible for checking all washrooms (guests/staff) in the morning and throughout the shift for cleanliness, stocking tissue paper, paper towels and soap dispensers and checking garbage


  • 2-3 years experience in the maintenance or carpentry industry
  • Post-secondary education in a related field preferred but not required
  • Experience in maintenance
  • Continuous training and education to keep abreast of changes in the industry and external environment
  • This position requires: a valid class 5 driver’s license (will need to provide a driver’s abstract)
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Must have excellent customer service skills
  • Extensive maintenance knowledge and ability to develop and apply practices, procedures and principles in a casino environment
  • Self-planning skills sufficient to schedule, organize, and carry out work assignments or projects according to established work plans
  • These positions are maintenance-oriented (work involves lifting and carrying items weighing approximately 90 pounds, bending, stooping, shoveling and climbing ladders)
  • Team-oriented
  • Develops security and systems knowledge through on-the-job experience
  • Good organization and multi-tasking skills
  • The schedule for this position may vary and would require the ability to work shift work, late nights, weekends and holidays

We are in the people business and therefore it is part of everyone’s job to actively provide customer service. This means that for every customer that comes in, you will attempt to make eye contact, greet and welcome our business. This also means that you must always be attentive to the customer’s needs so there are no undue delays, and we will serve our customers in a cheerful and efficient manner. Our service attitude also implies an obligation to each other. We must greet and acknowledge each other in a sincere, professional way – and seek to assist each other wherever practical, thereby demonstrating that success is a shared experience among our teams. Excellent customer relations and team work are an essential part of every job in this environment.

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